HD82 70mm 2¾" Non Impact  Aluminium

HD82  Non-Impact Rated  -  Thermally Separated Aluminium

HD82 Non-Impact Approved System from The Folding Sliding Door Company


With Florida Building Code approval, the HD82 Non-Impact Rated system met and exceeded the performance requirements set forth by the organization which tests products designed and manufactured to comply with requirements of the Florida Building Code.

  • Uniform Static Air Pressure Loading testing for impact and non impact resistant building envelope components

  • Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading test procedures

  • Water Infiltration and Resistance test procedures, dynamic and passive

  • Forced entry test procedures

The HD82 Non-Impact Folding Sliding Door System is available exclusively from The Folding Sliding Door Company, in a choice of frame design. 

The HD82s Impact Rated Aluminium system incorporates a more aesthetic contour which embraces the characteristics usually associated with timber profile design. The HD82b has a sharper look for a modern design. Both options provide the same level of  performance with an outstanding DP70 rating.

The HD82 Non-Impact Rated system is offered in a range of configurations, multiple sill types and glass options - all suited for the most severe climates and weather conditions.


The HD82 system is also available in an Impact rated version with numerous thermally efficient glass options in addition to Turtle and Tinted options. The HD82 Non-Impact rated system, is the result of an extensive design process focused on energy efficiency, structural and water resistance, performance, versatility and value.

As a result of their DP70 rating, the HD82 Hurricane rated Non-Impact folding sliding door systems complies with the stringent Florida Building Codes and for use in other wind-borne areas outside the High Velocity Hurricane Zone.

The HD82 Folding Sliding Doors System offers:

  • A choice of frame designs

  • Slim sightlines

  • Innovative sill design for maximum water resistance and performance

  • Encapsulated rollers within the tracks for maximum security and integrity

  • Improved structural integrity

  • DP70 Non-Impact Rating

  • High performance glass

  • Optimal weather sealing

  • Thermal breaks throughout the panels and frame proving enhanced energy efficiency

  • Concealed multi-point locking throughout and is suitable for both residential and commercial projects



Frame Width:

Frame Thickness:

Maximum Opening Width:

Maximum Opening Height:

Panel Height Range (Min-Max):

Panel Width Range ( Min-Max):


Aluminium Wall Thickness:

Finish Range:

Achievable U-Value of Complete Unit:

Achievable U-Factor of Complete Unit:

Recommended Glass:

2 3/8" / 60mm

2 3/4" / 70mm

60' / 18300mm

13' / 4000mm

1' / 305mm - 13' / 4000mm (System Specfic, refer to door types)

1' / 305mm - 6' / 1800mm (System Specfic, refer to door types)


 1/16" / 1.75mm

Any RAL colour or anodised finish, colour matching is also available



1 1/8" / 28mm Insulated Glass

Further Information::

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The Folding Sliding Door Company is an ISO 9001 and (US) NAMI Quality Assured organisation with nationally recognised accreditations such as CE Compliancy and Document Q in the UK, and Florida Building Code in the US.

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