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CE Compliance

Posted in Advice | CE Compliance, | Published: 27 March 2013

What is changing?

CE Marking will become mandatory in the UK from 1st July 2013 as set out in the Construction Products Regulation 2011. Therefore any window or external door product that is NOT CE Marked after this date cannot legally be placed on the market.

Why has it changed? What is it for?

For some time all electrical and medical devices have needed a CE Mark to demonstrate safety and performance. This is simply being extended to construction products including Windows, Doors and Conservatories etc

So What? What does this mean to me? What if I buy a product that is Not CE Marked after 1st July 2013? What is it for?

CE Marking enforces the disclosure of performance between different manufacturers allowing you to make an informed choice and clear comparison between products. Would you want a heart valve or buy a TV that didn’t have a Declaration of Performance?

  • It will be illegal to supply non-CE marked Products After 1st July 2013

It is unclear how the system will be policed at the moment but some potential outcomes

  • Non CE Marked products will not meet Building Regulations hence Buildings Inspector will not sign off a project
  • Products may not meet criteria for Insurance Backed Schemes such as FENSA
  • Insurance Companies may void claims upon discovery of the installations of Non CE Marked products
  • You may be putting your own safety at risk!


FSDC Global is an ISO 9001 and (US) NAMI Quality Assured organisation with nationally recognised accreditations such as CE Compliancy and Document Q in the UK, and Florida Building Code