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What is the best bi-fold operating system

Posted in Advice | FSDUK, | Published: 22 June 2018

When choosing bi-folds there are two terms you will come across: ‘top hung’ and ‘bottom rolling’. This refers to the way the weight of the door is supported. Advice varies on which is best but bear in mind that top-hung doors conceal the bulk of the operating mechanisms in the frame head, plus dirt and debris are less likely to become lodged in the top track, unlike the bottom track, where it can affect the running operation. On the downside, top-running systems do require a sufficiently strong lintel or beam above the opening to take the weight of the doors.

Bi-fold doors systems have a greater capability than a sliding door or hinged doors because of the moving forces and loads that occur during door movement. We utilise our own Fold ‘n’ Slide Heavy Duty Hardware which is uniquely designed, independently tested and accredited.  Unlike many other companies we manufacture our bi-folds with Dual Roller Mechanisms. This means that the weight of the door is evenly distributed between both top & bottom roller resulting in a smooth concertina operation and a better sliding performance.  The track encapsulates the roller mechanism to help eliminate any issues with debris becoming lodged.

As you can imagine, Heavy Duty Hardware is key to supporting the weight of your Folding Sliding Doors. The hardware used on cheap folding door products is not going to give you the same performance, are not as robust and would therefore not come with the guarantees you would be offered with a better specification.

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