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Our Environmental Commitment

FSDC Global sort and recycle materials for collections

FSDC Global sort and recycle materials for collections

Global warming is an incredibly important issue - which is why FSDC Global are committed to ensuring that we do our bit for the environment. We feel it is our moral responsibility to recycle all our waste - which is why we have an efficient waste management system in place.

How We Recycle
Our factory has been fitted out with sodium lighting that uses approximately 10% of the electricity that a florescent light would use and it even produces more light! Our aluminium and uPVC/Vinyl waste is placed in bins and collected by a recycling agent. We reuse our timber waste to fuel heaters which heat the factory using a briquette machine.

How Does This Work?

  • Our timber waste is chipped and collected by a large extraction unit
  • The chipped waste timber is then extracted to a briquette machine
  • The briquette machine compresses the waste with 8 tonnes of pressure
  • Small briquettes of timber waste are formed
  • These briquettes are then used to fuel the heaters in our factory!

What Else Do We Do?
FSDC Global only use FSC Certified Hardwood Timber which is environmentally sourced from sustainable forests, in manufacture of our timber doors.

What Can I Do To Help?
We are doing our bit, now it is time for you to do yours! When renovating your home, old building materials often end up in landfill if you do not find a way to recycle them. There are so many options to ensure that you are more environmentally friendly when renovating your home. You can donate your old appliances, recycle most materials (not just paper and plastic), work with a recycling program or even sell items online!

Tuesday, 15 December, 2020