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If You Can Rely On Anything This Year, It’s Our 25 Year Guarantee

If there is anything you can be sure of in these uncertain times, it's our 25 Year Guarantee.

  • We are extremely proud to be able to offer a 25 Year Guarantee on all our Folding Sliding Door Products when our customers choose our installation service. We are so confident that our Folding Sliding Doors will remain free from defects for up to this time - why would we not guarantee it? Not all Aluminium Door systems are fabricated the same. Some use a slimmer cleat than ours, which can affect the strength and integrity of the corner. Not us! We use 2 Heavy Duty Corner Cleats per corner in our construction which are crimped for strength.

  • Some systems use a mechanical cleat, which over time can start to loosen which can affect the panel operation. The owner of our Company; Paul Shearman was a Joiner by trade and for that reason we use Mortice and Tenon joints on our Timber products. These are amongst the strongest joints in woodworking and are used for projects that have frame construction require the doors to be extremely strong. We care about our products. We care about our customers. We manufacture an excellent quality, and we stand by our guarantee.

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