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A True Specialist Manufacturer

Folding sliding doors (bifold doors, according doors, concertina doors, folding patio doors, folding glass doors) or whatever you know them as (depending where in the world you are) was the product to this companies origin, success and name sake with The Folding Sliding Door Company being the first company in the UK to offer such a product.

With 20 years experience in the design and manufacture and with constant evolution and testing, we think we have earned the title of being ‘A Specialist Manufacturer’.

We know that on the surface many door systems may look the same (GlassIIEdge except may we add), but looks can be deceiving, make sure you dig deeper into the products integrity. With our doors you can rest assured that they operate and perform as good as they look for years to come and we are so confident that our guarantees reflect this.

We may not be the most affordable on the market (with some companies offering inferior products) but our doors cannot be beaten on the specification and build quality that goes into every door in our range.

As standard our door systems include;


  • • Top and Bottom running track - for increased support / larger door options
  • • Top and Bottom encapsulated rollers - for even weight distribution, a smoother, lighter operation and increased security
  • • Tongue and groove (interlocking) door panels to prevent lever opening
  • • Shoot bolts - that locate directly into both top and bottom tracks
  • • Security locking - with hardened steel hooks, cylinder locking, anti-snap, onto-bump, anti-pick, anti-drill & anti-tamper
  • • Engineered hardwood timber - for extra strength and to reduce expansion and warping.
  • • Timber treatment; Anti-rot & anti-fungal treated frames, factory sprayed with long life, low maintenance finishes
  • • 1.75mm thick Aluminium profiles - which include a thermal bridge to conform to the latest thermal regulations (u-values / building regulations) and is nearly 20% thicker than some competitors, as well as increasing the structural strength, operating limits and security of the doors
  • • Child friendly finger safe gaskets
  • • Security hinges - non surface mounted

Only when you realise what goes into the doors (most of it hidden from view) do you really get a sense of what you are purchasing.


FSDC Global is an ISO 9001 and (US) NAMI Quality Assured organisation with nationally recognised accreditations such as CE Compliancy and Document Q in the UK, and Florida Building Code