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Movable walls offer an affordable and flexible solution for offices, meeting spaces and lounge areas - copy

Room Dividers

Folding, Sliding & Stacking Movable Walls

Movable walls offer an affordable and flexible solution for commercial office interiors. Movable walls can be a good alternative to traditional solid walls finished with drywall to define offices, meeting spaces, and lounge areas.

Custom made to suit your design, available in Aluminium, Aluminium & Wood, Aluminium & Glass, Wood, Wood & Glass, Our Patented GlassIIEdge™, uPVC/Vinyl and Solid Panel Walls.

Folding and stacking movable walls are usually made with glass, which can be specified as solid or opaque, they can come with frames or be frameless glass to edge.The frames are available in a variety of finishes to suit many different interior styles. Our folding and stacking movable wall systems include many options for customization, such as the insertion of sliding or standard swing doors and solid panels.Glazed movable walls admit lots of natural light into the core of an interior, and often, they perform better acoustically than traditional walls, resulting in a more pleasant work environment.

ew68MW65 70mm 2¾" Movable Wall

Operable Partition System. MW65 is designed to solve the most basic needs of schools, churches, training facilities and office environments.

ew68MW55 53mm 2” Movable Wall

Ultra slim aluminium Re-enforced Hardwood Timber. Re-enforcement is achieved by bonding the wood around an aluminium core that achieves improved strength, stability and sound insulation.

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