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Light-Touch® Integral Blinds

ODL’S BUILT-IN BLINDS provide unprecedented, industry-leading performance quality and durability. Ideal for bi-fold doors, bi-fold windows, casement windows and fixed panels.

The Integral Blinds are sealed between glass panels, so the blinds stay clean and free of damage from kids, pets, and anything else that might come into contact with your door glass. No dusting, no tangled or dangling cords, no crimping or denting and because they're protected between glass they retain their 'like new' look over time and with repeated use.

A single operation lets you tilt the blinds and raise and lower them the entire length of the door glass, with only the slightest movement required. Even the control's shape is made to naturally fit the fingertip.

An innovative design results in stacked blinds that take up the smallest of space at the top of the door glass when fully opened.

Convenience / Durability

Convenience / Durability

  • No dusting / cleaning required, easy to maintain
  • No exposed cords reduce safety risks (child / pet safe)
  • A modern clean, efficient look
  • Blinds move in sync with doors and windows, and are never in the way
Colour Options

Colour Options

  • Beige
  • Anthracite Grey
  • White
  • Cream
  • Silver
  • Pearl Bronze
  • Rock
  • Ticking
  • Dark Coffee
  • Black
Control Natural Light and Privacy

Control Natural Light and Privacy

  • The single operator lets you raise, lower or tilt the blinds in an easy smooth movement.
  • More privacy at night and increased sense of security.
  • Ergonomic design principles place fingertip control within easy reach.
  • The levels of light and privacy are yours to control with a fingertip operation.
  • Natural Light – Open for maximum light or closed to reduce glare.
  • Visual Privacy – Create a wide open view or enjoy complete privacy.

Reliable / Performance

  • Blinds go through a series of reliability tests including:
    • 10,000 raise and lower cycles to ensure years of reliable operation
    • UV test
    • Slam test 50,000 slam cycles, you can be assured that it will remain intact when your exterior door occasionally slams shut
  • Advanced internal mechanisms assure reliability and robust durability
  • Efficient force-to-lift ratio is designed for easy operation

Energy Efficient

  • Provides the thermal performance of insulated glass with the additional benefits of operable integral blinds
  • Light-Touch Blinds are available with Low-E Planitherm One or Planitherm Total glass and can be gas filled to improve u-values.
  • Control the amount of solar heat that enters the room


  • Width 200mm (min) to 1400mm (max) / Height 300mm (min) to 2500mm (max)
  • 12mm powder coated UV Stable aluminium slats
  • Glass units are produced to meet EN1279 standards
  • Prices based on a per panel price (size specific)
  • IG Thickness – 28mm
  • 5 Year Blind Warranty
  • 10 Year Glass Seal Warranty

Existing customers now have the option to upgrade their current glazing to include integral blinds.
Contact Customer Services for a quotation to replace your current glazing on 0845 644 6630 or email

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