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Top tips when prepping for the installation of your doors.

Congratulations! You've ordered you new folding sliding patio door, what preparations are required to ensure a trouble free installation?  


  • Is the opening size correct? – Ensure you have at least 12mm-20mm (1/2"-3/4") of tolerance in the opening.
  • Do I need a threshold channel? – If you are looking to have a flush threshold, ensure there is room to fit the bottom track into the floor.
  • Is the opening level? – check your levels using a spirit level or laser level.
  • Is the opening clean? – Ensure to remove any loose debris from the frame or threshold channel


  • Have you made room? – Ensure there is a clear walkway for the installers to carry the doors through to its point of install, ensure there is enough space near the install for the crew to work.
  • Is it safe? – Make sure the area is a safe environment to work in.

Other factors

  • No surprises! – Make sure to advise the installer in advance of anything that could cause a potential problem. For instance
    • Stairways to negotiate
    • Security gates
    • Limited working hours
    • Parking restrictions
    • Site safety meetings
    • Or any other pertinent issues.
  • Legal requirements – If applicable, ensure planning permission or permits been approved by your local government.

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