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Staying ahead of the energy ratings

In a world with an ever-growing concern of the environment and mankind's effect on it. Governments around the world are working towards a zero emissions ideal.

With residential energy use being one of the leading contributors to our carbon footprint, its important we work to arrest the situation.

To do this many of today's building products are designed to offer the best protection from the elements whilst reducing the energy used inside to heat or cool the property.

In doors and windows this has two factors.


Although timber frame windows remain one of the most efficient, many other frame options are bringing more and more thermal benefits. Older materials like UPVC and Aluminium continue to evolve with newer materials like composite and fiberglass providing an alternative. 


Despite the success of double paned glass units, the continuing push to save energy has led to further improvements.

Special coatings on the glass are used to reflect heat either inward or outward, and filling the units with gases rather than air offers an improved thermal barrier.

Blog by Dave S

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