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Since 5 years passed of our Folding Sliding Doors being installed, this is a real and honest feedback for this company. First of all, it’s a great product. Next, we are extremely happy with their customer service team, esp. Nathan. They respond very quickly once requested. They also put extra care and time every time when servicing our patio doors (which happens on a regular basis). Highly recommended. 5 stars.

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GB · April 2022

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Friendly + proficient young team - Bobby + Jack. Advised arrival time day before + arrived promptly. Focused on job + well-mannered. Articulate at explaining issues I didn’t understand. Suggested making a how to operate + lock video as I’m handing over to new owners. Tidy + did the job to proper standard. Didn’t cut corners. Cleared everything away + no mess left. Felt reassured with one year warrantee for work done. In all dealings with the firm, as I tried to get fixed without call-out + ordering parts, found customer service super efficient. Susan in particular. Thank you team.

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Ambleside · January 2022

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Purchased my two sets of bi-fold doors about 12 years ago they have been great ever since just had our third service call and as always the guys were great, replaced all the rubbers, handles etc, last time we had a couple of additions as they had moved on this time was the same we got all the improvements they had made to the sets they are fitting today, great job by two great guys, a credit to FSDC Global, once again we have two new looking sets of doors, Many thanks.

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Unit Computer Parts & Repairs
GB · November 2021

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We installed our Folding Sliding Doors over 10 years ago, and had been enjoying them ever since. Recently, we had some structural issues in our home which had also impacted our doors and FSDC Global came to the rescue. They surveyed our site, made a plan, custom made parts to fix our specific problems and scheduled a reinstall. They also arranged for a total refurbishment on site. Their customer service was superb, their installers were expert in every way. My doors are like new.

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GB · March 2020

Just a note of thanks for the fantastic service provided by your engineers. We were contacted to say they would be here by 8am and they arrived at 7.55am. Very friendly and they were able to sort the problem with the lower roller mechanism and adjusted the top mechanism allowing the door to open and close smoothly. They also fitted a replacement rubber seal/draft excluder on the door.

Fantastic service! Thanks also to the person I dealt with for helping us on Friday afternoon.

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GB · March 2018

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This is honestly one the most professional companies I have ever dealt with. We have had our bi-folding doors for four years and recently discovered a slight issue with the brush that runs along the bottom of one of the doors.

After sending an image to the company, engineers were on site within a week. Leon plus one were on time, completed the job effectively and efficeintly and were extremely pleasant and professional.

Well done sliding doors, first class customer service.

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gb · November 2017

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